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Modular System for Nanostructure Analysis:

SAXSpace – is a new nanostructure analyzer based on small- and wide-angle X-ray scattering (SWAXS). Nano-sized particles and sample domains scatter X-rays towards small angles; the resulting scattering pattern provides information on the overall size and shape of the nanostructures. SAXSpace provides easy handling and push-button alignment combined with versatile and precise sample stages. 
This makes SAXSpace an ideal tool for investigating nanostructures in many different materials, including proteins, foods, pharmaceuticals, polymers, nanoparticles and nanostructured surfaces.


A small genius

·         Easiest operation, including auto-detection of sample stages and push-button alignment

·         Scatterless beam collimation concept for highest resolution and excellent SWAXS data

·         Versatile design and spacious sample chamber to meet all experimental needs

Brilliant features for all your needs

·      TrueFocus – simple and time-saving alignment at the push of a button

·      TrueSWAXS – small- and wide-angle scattering measurements at scattering angles up to 74° 2Ѳ

·      SmartSAXS – dual beam concept with multiple beam line option for limitless experimental possibilities and high sample throughput

·         Small footprint – all system components are integrated in one compact platform

Full experimental flexibility

·     StageMaster – precise XYZ stage with auto-detection of sample stages

·     Versatile sample stages and holders for any applications, including Bio-SAXS, 
GI-SAXS, SWAXS measurements under controlled tensile stress or humidity

·     High-throughput screening of liquid and solid nanostructured samples

Powerful control and data analysis software

·    SAXSdrive™ – full system control for automated SWAXS experiments

·    SAXSquant™ – simple and fast data processing using customizable templates

·    Versatile software for advanced SAXS data interpretation


System resolution 

qmin: 0.03 nm-1

Accessible q range

0.03 nm-1 to 52.3 nm-1
200 nm > d > 0.12 nm

Measuring time

<1 minute to 30 minutes (typical)

Special features 

SmartSAXS: dual beam concept, 
multiple beam line option
TrueFocus: self-alignment with X-ray beam
TrueSWAXS: simultaneous SWAXS studies 
up to 74° 2
StageMaster: XYZ stage with auto-recognition 
of sample stages

Sample environment 
- Temperature range
- Atmosphere

-150 °C to 300 °C
 Vacuum, air, inert gas, humidity
 (reactive gases on request)

X-ray source

Sealed tube (line and/or point collimation), Microsource

X-ray optics

Multilayer optics
Advanced Kratky-based line and point collimator

Sample stages / 

·         TCStages

·         Humidity Stage

·         Tensile Stage

·         GI-SAXS Stage

·         ASX Autosamplers

·         VarioStage

·         Customized stages on request

Sample holders 

·         Quartz capillary for liquids

·         Sample holder for solids

·         µ-Cell

·         Flow Cell

·         Paste Cell

·         Rotor Cell

·         Tube Cell

·         Capillary holder


Image plate detector (2D data acquisition)
CCD detector (2D data acquisition)
Diode array detectors (1D and 2D data acquisition)


SAXSdriveTM control and data acquisition software
TM data analysis software
Advanced data interpretation software (PCG)

Dimensions (footprint)

1.8 m x 0.9 m (L x D)


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